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Our 2016 Tree Availability lists are out! Download them here:

June 2016 Native Plant Availability.pdf
June 2016 Tree Availability.pdf

About Us

Spring Creek Landscape LLC is located in the heart of Heber Valley, at an elevation of 5,600ft. Specializing in the restoration and revegetation of large, distribubed sites, including mined lands, Superfund sites, roadsides, parks, private land and ranches, wetlands, utility corridors, and riparian areas. We offer a full range of products and services from native plants, to land restoration, consulting, and complete project implementation.

We approach each disturbed site by evaluating the nearby native undisturbed ecosystem as an ecological model. Native, hardy plants provide many benefits such as improved habitat value, biodiversity and ease of maintenance culminating in natural systems that are healthy and self-sustaining.

Mike McNally, Owner